I started playing magic around 1998 with the preconstructed Stronghold deck called "the Spikes". I didn't really understand what +1/+1 counters were at the time, but I had fun with my friends playing magic.

After a break of a few years, I started playing again when Ravnica: City of Guilds was released. A few years later I got into Legacy with a suicidal version of mono-red Goblins, after some initial success I got hungry for more. When at a Legacy tournament, I faced a TES deck and while I did win the match, I got facinated with storm immediately. Shortly after Mystical Tutor got banned, I got started with playing storm combo with TES. Switched between TES and ANT a bit, untill I decided to play ANT in the Grand Prix Trials for GP Amsterdam in 2011.

I won a GPT for GP Amsterdam with UBw ANT with Doomsday in the sideboard. At the time, it was the fashion to play 4 Doomsday, Shelldock Isle, and Emrakul in the sideboard as a plan against Reanimator and some other decks. I did not make day 2 due to some bad matchups, but after the event I noticed Christoph Alsheimer actually made 28th place with a UBrw Doomsday deck.

I got completely intriged with the deck and switched to Doomsday ever since. I started writing articles about double-Doomsday piles, playing around artifact hate, chain of vapor piles, and so on, and eventually compiled all that into a list of articles I started calling "the Doomsday Codex".

Works by bennotsi

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