Playing against burn, in a post-sideboard game where you expect that they have brought in hate. It's our second turn, and we've shuffled off a ponder and drawn Duress. Your opponent lost to a Laboratory Maniac Game 1 and as a result they've decided to play a Grim Lavamancer instead of continuing to apply pressure, giving you a window of opportunity. The Grim Lavamancer has summoning sickness. Note that your deck includes Ideas Unbound, and that your single copy of Act on Impulse is in hand.

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The solution requires you to play the Duress to get rid of the Red Elemental Blast, and to also have mana available to pay for a Gitaxian Probe with mana instead of life to avoid dying to the Bolt and Fireblast. If we had AoI available we could have created a pile of AoI, LED, LED, BW, (Anything) which would hit for 20 damage, which in this case would have been enough, but this example illustrates a couple strengths of including IU in your list.

ActionState Notes
Cast Dark RitualBBB, Storm = 1
Cast DuressBB, Storm = 2, Take Red Elemental Blast
Cast Dark RitualBBBB, Storm = 3
Cast Conjurer's BaubleBBB, Storm = 4
Cast LEDStorm = 5
Cast DoomsdayStorm = 6, Life = 9, Pile: IU, LED, LED, GP, BW
Crack LED for UUUUUU
Activate CBDraw IU
Cast IUU, Storm = 7, Draw: LED, LED, GP
Cast both LEDsStorm = 9
Cast GP, paying U, Crack LEDs for RRRBBBRRRBBBB, Storm = 10, Draw BW
Cast BWStorm = 11, RBBBB, Get ToA
Cast ToA22 Damage, Lethal