Please find present below the basic setup of how a Doomsday / DDFT decklist is normally constructed. As with any Legacy archetype there are a fair few 'flex' slots that can be changed around however some pieces are pretty fundamental to the archetype.

The Core Elements:

  • 3 x Doomsday

The namesake card. We tend to run three main and relegate one to the sideboard as a target for Burning Wish thus allowing us to play a pseudo six to seven copies. The only change to this number is if you were not playing Burning Wish where you should be running four.

  • 4 x Dark Ritual

Doomsday costs BBB. Ritual makes BBB. It's a match made in heaven. This card also allows you to pull ahead in mana for firing off discard prior to a Wish for Empty the Warrens line or similar. You shouldn't ever drop any copies of Ritual.

  • 4 x Lion's Eye Diamond

A card once known as 'Bad Lotus'. It generates storm, creates mana and is integral to most of our Doomsday stacks. Should always be a four of.

  • 4 x Gitaxian Probe

It adds storm, provides a free cantrip effect, let's you check the coast is clear and is a nasty combo when paired with Cabal Therapy. Should always be a four of.

  • 4 x Brainstorm

This allows for further deck filtering, hand fixing and some nifty tricks involving Doomsday stacks. It also can help protect from opposing discard effects. Should always be a four of.

  • 4 x Ponder

Another search and draw filter effect. It has the most reach of any of the cantrips we run with a potential to see four cards deep. Should always be a four of.

  • 3-4 x Burning Wish

Not all run Wish however it is probably the best tool in the deck. It allows for running a Sideboard copy of Doomsday and opens up a lot of tools such as Empty the Warrens, adding storm count for Tendrils during the combo or finding a variety of toolbox answers for opposing interaction. Should always be a three or four of.

  • 6-7 x Discard Spells

These can be any combination of Duress, Thougtseize and Cabal Therapy with a 3:3 split of Duress and Therapy being standard. Normally the seventh discard spell is located as a wish target in the sideboard. You should always run some number of these to fight interaction and to protect yourself. Most often a six of.

  • 1 x Act on Impulse / Three Wishes

This is a key combo spell that allows you to 'draw' into your stack. Act is normally the more popular choice due to the lower colour requirements, resistance to Red Blast effects and ability to be Wished for. You always need to have one of these in your deck however a suitable alternative would be the historically favoured Ideas Unbound.

  • 0-1 Laboratory Maniac

Technically he could be counted as a flex slot however Laboratory Maniac provides a very simple alternative win condition to Tendrils of Agony and pulls his weight well in a lot of scenarios. Most lists do run one copy main.

Flex slots:

  • 0-4 Conjurer's Baubles

This card is explained in full here and allows a multitude of funtions with the key ones being to store a draw in the face of using Lion's Eye Diamonds to generate mana. Most lists are running 2-4.

  • 0-4 Preordain

Another cantrip. This one tends to fluctuate in number inversely proportional to the number of Conjurer's Baubles used. Again most lists are running 2-4 copies.

  • 0-1 Rain of Filth

An option as Dark Ritual copy number five. Rain is very good against decks that run Rishadan Port as a 'delayed' ritual effect within a turn or for games that go long and plenty of land drops are being made. Most lists run either a single copy or forego it entirely.

  • 0-4 Lotus Petal

Mana fixing, additional storm and free mana. Petal does it all. Possibly should be included as a 'core' slot. Mosts lists run 3-4 with lists heavier in lands normally running less. Very good for powering out faster wins or quick Empty the Warrens lines.


  • 15-16 Lands.

We are a combo deck so do not want too many. Most lists run either fifteen or sixteen currently. The breakdown of these are below:

8-9 Fetchlands:

  • 4 x Polluted Delta

Fetches basic Swamp and Island. Grabs your two main colours and any splash colours. A must include four of.

  • 2-4 x Alternative U Fetchland

Normally Scalding Tarn as it can also fetch all colours assuming a R splash and playing of Badlands. Otherwise this could be any U fetchland. Normally U fetchlands are preferred over B fetchlands.

  • 0-2 x Alternative B Fetchland

Bloodstained Mire is the most coomon choice here. The B counterpart of the description above. Again generally disfavoured as it cannot fetch Basic Island.

2-3 Basic Lands:

  • 1-2 Island

Wasteland immune U source that also dodges Blood Moon and casts most of our search spells. Normally run as a two off in lists and is the main reason for having all U Fetchlands.

  • 1 Swamp

Wasteland immune B source that also dodges Blood Moon and casts our combo and protection spells. Normally always a one of.

4-5 Dual lands:

  • 2-3 Underground Sea

Primary Dual land with both our main colours. Generally run as a two of.

  • 1-2 Volcanic Island

Main R splash land. Most run one in conjunction with a Badlands however some people do favour the heavier U presence so run two.

  • 0-1 Badlands

Secondary R splash land. Often favoured to allow fetching for casting Wish on turn two to then have BBB open for turn three. Normally a one of.

  • 0-1 Tropical Island

Often in the sideboard however some pilots who run the side green splash run this main either as land number sixteen or as a replacement for a basic Island.

Wish Board

  • 1 x Doomsday

As stated above, the pseudo sixth to seventh copy of our main engine spell.

  • 1 x Tendrils of Agony

Our primary win condition.

  • 1 x Discard

Normally the seventh discard spell to compliment to six in the main.

  • 0-2 x Empty the Warrens

An alternative and often faster win condition that can be wished for. Normally a one of.

  • 1 x Massacre

Favoured tool against fair, creature based strategies as it often provides a free, one sided board wipe.

  • 1 x By Force

This can be an alternate piece of artifact removal but currently By Force is the most popular. The main answer to artifact based hate such as Chalice of the Void.

  • 1 x Infernal Contract/Cruel Bargain/Act on Impulse/Ideas Unbound

A wishable multiple draw spell intended to allow the use of Burning Wish as a direct way to draw into your Doomsday stacks or to fetch one should the maindeck one get exiled in some way.

Other sideboard options

7-8 Flex Slots

The rest is quite open but popular choices include packages such as a Tropical Island with either Abrupt Decay / Xantid Swarm / Carpet of Flowers or alternative win conditions such as Shelldock/Emrakul or more redundancy in terms of removal to bring in.

Example List:

Below is an example of a conventional list in full which would be a good. Beginner starting point. Obviously as you get more familiar with the deck then you can start tweaking to your preference but it is a good place to start or simply practice with, especially working through the wiki. There are also other, less conventional choices such as choosing to run extra Tendrils of Agony main or utilise certain removal spells in the main but these should be considered only after familiarity with the deck and your expected metagame.

1 Badlands
2 Island  
4 Polluted Delta  
4 Scalding Tarn  
1 Swamp  
2 Underground Sea  
1 Volcanic Island  
1 Act on Impulse  
4 Brainstorm  
4 Burning Wish  
3 Cabal Therapy  
3 Conjurer's Bauble  
4 Dark Ritual  
3 Doomsday  
4 Gitaxian Probe  
1 Laboratory Maniac  
4 Lion's Eye Diamond  
4 Lotus Petal  
4 Ponder  
3 Preordain  
3 Duress  


1 By Force  
1 Discard Spell
1 Doomsday  
1-2 Empty the Warrens  (2 is very good against Grixis or Czech Pile)
1 Ideas Unbound or Act on Impulse or Infernal Contract/Cruel Bargain  
1 Massacre  
1 Tendrils of Agony  
6 Flex SB slots.  

List last updated 20/01/2018