The Doomsday Codex is intended to be the most complete and up to date work on how to cast the card named Doomsday in the Doomsday storm combo deck (DDFT) in the Legacy format of Magic: the Gathering.

There is actually much more to how to play the deck, but understanding how to cast the namesake card of the deck is a pretty big piece of the puzzle. This document is specifically not a 'primer' as you often see for other decks in Legacy, because primers generally become outdated rather quickly and are more about card choices, decklists, sideboard plans, and so on. The Doomsday Codex is there to help people to really understand how the deck works and can win in various scenarios.

An overview of Doomsday piles is actually collected in a separate document, which is called The Doomsday Pile Document. The pile document only lists a selection of the possible piles, while the Doomsday Codex focuses the theory behind the piles. How to build them, when to build them, why the pile is build up like that, how to play around stuff, how to sequence your spells correctly, and so on.

Another related collection of articles is the Doomsday-Library. This is a collection of archived articles that have become obsolete, for example due to the format evolving, or because certain cards have been banned.

This repository, and all of its contents, is licensed under CC-BY-4.0

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, the Fundamentals:
Brainstorm in Doomsday
Laboratory Maniac
Pass the Turn

Chapter 2, Supplementary Techniques:
Conjurer's Bauble
Shelldock Isle/Emrakul
Double Doomsday Piles
Time Spiral Piles

Chapter 3, Limitations:
Playing Around Surgical

Chapter 4, Deck Construction:
Under Construction

Chapter 5, Gameplay Strategies:
Under Construction

Chapter 6, Puzzles:
Under Construction

Chapter 7, Miscellaneous:
Under Construction

I. Pile Document
II. Puzzle answers (Under Construction)
III. Sample Decklists