Everything Doomsday (Vintage)

Special thanks to Bart van Etten (Diem4x), Max Vervoort (MaxMagicer), SingPanMan, and discoverN for writing.

Part 1: Maindeck Configuration and Why no Cavern of Souls

Decklist can be found here or below:


  • 1Ancestral Recall
  • 1Black Lotus
  • 1Brainstorm
  • 4Dark Ritual
  • 2Daze
  • 1Demonic Consultation
  • 1Demonic Tutor
  • 1Dig Through Time
  • 4Doomsday
  • 3Flusterstorm
  • 1Force of Negation
  • 4Force of Will
  • 1Gitaxian Probe
  • 1Gush
  • 1Mental Misstep
  • 1Mox Jet
  • 1Mox Sapphire
  • 1Mystical Dispute
  • 1Mystical Tutor
  • 1Necropotence
  • 1Ponder
  • 1Portent
  • 4Preordain
  • 4Street Wraith
  • 2Thassa's Oracle
  • 1Time Walk
  • 1Vampiric Tutor
  • 2Flooded Strand
  • 1Island
  • 3Misty Rainforest
  • 2Polluted Delta
  • 2Scalding Tarn
  • 4Underground Sea


  • 1Duress
  • 2Fatal Push
  • 1Island
  • 4Leyline of the Void
  • 1Mindbreak Trap
  • 1Opposition Agent
  • 4Steel Sabotage
  • 1Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Many players come from legacy doomsday to play vintage doomsday, and many wonder why the deck does not play Cavern of Souls. The reason is that after building a pile, you generally will have a Gush or Ancestral Recall on top. If the opponent has a counterspell, they aren't going to save it for the Oracle; they have to aggressively go after your Recall or Gush simply because the card draw spell will draw you into a counter for their counter in addition to your Oracle. In my mind, there are only three flex slots in the maindeck for Doomsday. In this build, we have elected to use Mystical Dispute, Force of Negation, and Portent.

"Cavern of Souls" from Avacyn Restored - Art by Cliff Childs

Mystical Dispute / Force of Negation: These slots are generally between either Treasure Cruise + disruptive spell or two disruptive spells. Standard cards in these slots are 3rd Daze, 4th Flusterstorm, Duress, or Chain of Vapor. With shops and mirrors so popular in the meta, it's nice to have a fifth free counterspell on the draw, so that's why we have chosen Force of Negation. We have Mystical Dispute over something like another Flusterstorm because of things like Leovold, Emissary of Trest, Hullbreacher, and Lavinia, Azorius Renegade. These cards can be significant problems, and having an excellent one mana answer that can also counter Force of Wills is very lovely.

"Mystical Dispute" from Throne of Eldraine - Art by Ekaterina Burmak
"Force of Negation" from Modern Horizons - Art by Paul Scott Canavan

Portent: This slot is mainly for extra cantrips. Often you will see Sleight of Hand, Peek, or even Cling to Dust. Ponder is restricted for a reason, and while this card can't crack piles, it's very good at being good card selection or messing up your opponent's top 3 cards, especially in something like the mirror.

"Portent" from Ice Age - Art by Liz Danforth

Part 2: Sideboard Configuration and Sideboard Guide

With Bart van Etten and Max Vervoort

Steel Sabotage: it is only used for the shops matchup, but it's so crucial in that matchup that you want four after sideboard. It's the most effective way to get rid of Sphere of Resistance type cards without investing too much mana.

Mindbreak Trap: it's good vs. decks that try to do a lot on the first turn, like Paradoxical Outcome, shops, or the mirror. At worst, it's a pitch to force, which makes sure it's not entirely a dead card when you draw it later in the game.

Duress: an overall decent card against all decks where you want to play around counters and a card that sometimes is exactly what you need in your doomsday pile, especially when you have a Mox Jet in your start, so you don't need to tap a land to play it. A handy thing it can do is snag a Brain freeze before you combo, so you don't die on the spot.

"Steel Sabotage" from Mirrodin Besieged - Art by Daarken
"Mindbreak Trap" from Zendikar - Art by Christopher Moeller
"Duress" from Urza's Saga - Art by Lawrence Snelly

Fatal Push: you need an answer for cards like Lavinia, Deathrite Shaman, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Archon of Emeria, Leovold, Collector Ouphe, and other hatebears, and Push is just the most efficient one in the game. It's also good against ravager shops because it can give you enough time to beat the stax pieces.

Opposition Agent: agent is outstanding in the mirror as it is a win the game if it's not answered, while it's still decent vs. all decks that play tutors.

Leyline of the Void: you only board it in vs. dredge or other bazaar decks, but it's just the most efficient card to play in your doomsday sideboard for that matchup without dedicating too many spots for the matchup.

"Fatal Push" from Friday Night Magic 2017 - Art by Alex Konstad
"Opposition Agent" from Commander Legends - Art by Scott Murphy
"Leyline of the Void" from Guildpact - Art by Adam Rex

Tasigur, the Golden Fang: you want an additional win condition against decks that can disrupt your combo well, like Brain Freeze or a deck with many specific counters, like Flusterstorm and Pyroblast. You also board Tasigur in when your opponent boards out their removal spells, like how Jeskai boards out Swords to Plowshares, and you want another card that they have to counter, yet it can't be hit by Flusterstorm, Pyroblast, or even Force of Negation. Because of this, it can sometimes steal games.

Island: having a second basic is another tool for shops to better play around Wasteland and Ghost Quarter.

"Tasigur, the Golden Fang" from Fate Reforged - Art by Chris Rahn
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon

Sideboard Guide

vs BUG
+2 Fatal Push-1 Force of Negation
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Street Wraith
+1 Duress-1 Mystical Tutor
-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Breach
+1 Mindbreak Trap-1 Island
+1 Duress-1 Portent
+1 Opposition Agent-1 Mystical Tutor
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Jeskai
+2 Fatal Push-1 Island
+1 Duress-1 Force of Negation
+1 Opposition Agent-1 Mystical Tutor
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Doomsday
+1 Mindbreak Trap-1 Island
+1 Duress-1 Mystical Tutor
+1 Opposition Agent-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Hogaak
+2 Fatal Push-1 Force of Negation
+4 Leyline of the Void-1 Necropotence
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Mystical Dispute
-3 Flusterstorm
-1 Dig Through Time
vs Dredge
+4 Leyline of the Void-1 Mental Misstep
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Force of Negation
-1 Necropotence
-1 Portent
-1 Dig Through Time
vs RUG
+2 Fatal Push-1 Portent
+1 Duress-1 Force of Negation
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Mystical Tutor
-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Ravager Shops
+4 Steel Sabotage-1 Mental Misstep
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-3 Flusterstorm
+2 Fatal Push-1 Necropotence
+1 Island-1 Mystical Dispute
-2 Daze
vs Golos Shops
+4 Steel Sabotage-3 Flusterstorm
+1 Duress-1 Mental Misstep
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Mystical Dispute
+1 Island-2 Daze
vs Oath
+1 Mindbreak Trap-1 Island
+1 Duress-1 Mystical Tutor
+1 Opposition Agent-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs Bant Archon
+1 Fatal Push-1 Force of Negation
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang-1 Necropotence
-1 Street Wraith
vs DPS
+1 Mindbreak Trap-1 Island
+1 Duress-1 Mystical Tutor
+1 Opposition Agent-1 Vampiric Tutor
vs White Hatebears
+2 Fatal Push-3 Flusterstorm
+1 Island-1 Mystical Dispute
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang

For the following parts, instead of doing a bit about standard piles such as Gush/Recall, Black Lotus, Oracle, Fluster, Wraith/second Oracle, etc., I've decided to show different puzzles on beating more challenging hate pieces and piles you can make to do that.

Part 3: Playing vs. Breach

With discoverN

You are against Breach, and the opponent was on the play with seven cards and went Misty Rainforest, Mox Ruby, pass (5 cards remaining). You mulliganned once, and your hand is Doomsday, Street Wraith, Force of Will, Preordain, Underground Sea, Tasigur, Dark Ritual. Notable play arounds are Pyroblast/Fluster/Brain Freeze. How do you want to play this turn and the rest of the game?

Our hand is:

DiscoverN's response

Game plan:

In this hand, First, I want to play tasigur.
And after the opponent moves, I want to play doomsday.


  1. Play Ritual Doomsday: too risky.
    If the opponent doesn't have Brain Freeze, the opponent very likely has a lot of counters. So, turn one kill won't be possible. 1. Cycling Wraith to find a fetch, another Wraith, or Gitaxian probe to make casting Tasigur easier. Not bad.
  2. Play Preordain: my choice.
    This choice has few flaws.
    Good things: it can keep Street Wraith. Wraith is a vital card to beating Brain Freeze.
"Doomsday" from Weatherlight - Art by Adrian Smith
"Street Wraith" from Future Sight - Art by Cyril Van Der Haegen
"Preordain" from Magic 2011 - Art by Svetlin Velinov
"Force of Will" from Alliances - Art by Terese Nielsen
"Underground Sea" from Limited Edition Beta - Art by Rob Alexander
"Tasigur, the Golden Fang" from Fate Reforged - Art by Chris Rahn
"Dark Ritual" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Sandra Everingham

Part 4: Playing vs. BUG

With SingPanMan

You are at 16 life vs. BUG game three (assume Fatal Push is in your deck and nothing is exiled, so you have your whole deck to put in your pile) and cast a Doomsday with a Dark Ritual in hand and 3 Underground Seas in play. Your opponent has Leovold, Collector Ouphe, 3 lands, and 3 cards in hand. You assume their graveyard doesn't matter (i.e., Snapcaster Mage). What is your pile? (thinking about playing around Fluster, Wasteland, possibly Daze, etc.)

SingPanMan's response

Demonic Tutor, Time Walk, Oracle, Oracle, Island (double Trophy is an issue)

  1. Pass turn 1. Play Ritual 1. Play Tutor, and get Time Walk 1. Play Walk 1. In extra turn, play Oracle

I think there are low odds of winning this match.
But you will have to go all-in.

If the opponent plays two trophies (or plays wasteland and trophy), you need to search Island.
Let's pray that it won't happen.


  • Can withstand only one turn (16 life to 8, their board has 5 power) - Lose with one counter (Flusterstorm, Force, Mindbreak Trap, Spell Pierce) - Lose with one removal (Decay, Trophy) - 33% to lose (we can't draw the island) - I can't afford the resources (it's all Leo's fault)


  • The opponent might not have Daze (if the opponent has Daze, they will cast it on Doomsday) - A single Wasteland can be played around
"Demonic Tutor" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Douglas Shuler
"Time Walk" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Amy Weber
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon

Part 5: Playing vs. Bant

With discoverN

Your Opponent casts Archon of Emeria with five cards in hand on the play in turn two. It is game three (You have Fatal Push in your deck, and they may have cards like Meddling Mage or Deafening Silence). You untap and cast Doomsday off of two lands and a Mox after time walking (You drew Daze for turn and Ritual last turn). You still have a land drop, and Doomsday resolves. You are at 19 life. (Remember about Archon's tapped land condition and notable cards to try to play around are things like Lavinia, Ouphe, Meddling Mage, Hullbreacher, maybe Deafening Silence, counterspells like Flusterstorm, and even Spell Queller). What is your pile, and what do are you trying to do in the following turns?

DiscoverN's response

Timewalk, Oracle, Oracle, Island, Island

This turn play tapped fetchland, pass.
Next turn, play tapped fetchland, time walk.
Next turn, play Oracle, fetch in response to removal if needed, or fetch to play around Dazes.
If countered, following turn play oracle again and can still fetch Island if needed.

You may think that you want to get a Fatal Push pile here, but that means you would likely need the fatal push to resolve to win. If you were to cack fetch (revolt for fatal push) with holding priority and cast Fatal Push on Archon and still holding priority with the fetchland on the stack gush so you know the cards you can draw, not only do you lose to a Hullbreacher but you loose to Lavinia as well. The pile discoverN describes makes it so you can beat all of these cards as well as Flusterstorm and Daze (two Oracles).

"Time Walk" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Amy Weber
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon

Part 6: Playing vs. Shops

With Jacobisboss

I've decided to do one final puzzle of a Doomsday pile to beat Golos shops.

You cast Doomsday off of three lands and two Moxes, as there is a Thorn of Amethyst and a Sphere of Resistance on the battlefield under your opponent's control. They also control a Phyrexian Revoker with Black Lotus named, a 2/2 Stonecoil Serpent and an Ancient Tomb, a Mox Emerald, an Inventor's Fair, and two cards in hand. You are at 16 life, so after Doomsday, you will be dead to 2 swings. Your hand consists of Preordain, Daze, and Force of Will. What is the easiest way of winning the next turn playing around Wasteland, another Sphere, Mindbreak trap, possibly Chalice, Null Rod, more Revokers, etc?

Our hand is:

"Preordain" from Magic 2011 - Art by Svetlin Velinov
"Daze" from Nemesis - Art by Matthew D. Wilson
"Force of Will" from Alliances - Art by Terese Nielsen

My response

From the top: Steel Sabotage, Gush, Oracle, Lotus, Island
Goal: try to win in two turns.
The plan is to pass after the opponent attacks you to 4. You bounce the Revoker mid-combat with Steel Sabotage, and when they re-cast it, you Force of Will it. Then you untap and cast Gush, play land, and cast Black Lotus and Thassa's Oracle with Daze backup. There are ways to win the turn after you cast Doomsday, but all of them lose to a singular Sphere, a Mindbreak Trap, a Wasteland, all these things. This line also beats Wasteland, and if they play a Sphere instead of Revoker again, you can Force that too. The Island in the pile is important because then you can beat a Ghost Quarter as well.

Another option:
From the top: Time Walk, Street Wraith, Thassa's Oracle, Island, Island
Goal: win next turn. The plan is to cast Time Walk and then cycle Street Wraith into Oracle and cast it with two cards in deck. This pile beats Mindbreak Trap, one Wasteland, one Sphere, Null Rod. The main issue with this pile is you are dead if they play a Revoker or a Spyglass and name street wraith.

Both piles are justifiable, and honestly, there are another ten piles you could argue for as well. Playing vs. shops can be complicated, and the most essential thing is mana sources and having enough lands at all times.

"Steel Sabotage" from Mirrodin Besieged - Art by Daarken
"Gush" from Mercadian Masques - Art by Kev Walker
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Black Lotus" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Christopher Rush
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon


"Time Walk" from Limited Edition Alpha - Art by Amy Weber
"Street Wraith" from Future Sight - Art by Cyril Van Der Haegen
"Thassa's Oracle" from Theros Beyond Death - Art by Jesper Ejsing
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon
"Island" from Unhinged - Art by John Avon

That's all! If you enjoyed this guide, you can leave me a follow on Twitter for more like it in the future. Once again, massive shoutouts to our 4 guests for making this happen. Make sure to check them out on Twitter as well. If you have any questions, leave me a DM, and I'll get back as soon as I can. Thanks :)

Editors note: This was original posted here by Jacoisboss and permission granted to reformat and post on the wiki. If anyone else has any Doomsday submissions they would like hosted please drop us a message on the Doomsday Discord.
Thank-you Jacob and his co-authors for the great article and thank-you for reading.